September 7th, 2010


Random dispatches from the weekend

Saw a movie.
Talked to JWs. Too bad I didn't know beforehand that this month's Awake! tackles those goldurn New Atheists.
Made some chili.
Dug a hole.
Impressive, I know.

Oh yeah, stretched and compressed music. Nothing so glorious that I have to share, but it's definitely interesting to get In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida down to 6 minutes - the drum solo turns into a scratch solo.

A new exercise to help develop an important muscle

Whenever you hear about someone doing something you don't like -- but is legal and none of your business -- practice this exercise until it becomes a natural, easy, fluid motion:

1: lift your shoulders firmly in a forceful shrug
2: pushing from the diaphragm, utter the words "Eh, it's a free country."

1 set x 10 reps daily, and as needed when provoked