September 15th, 2010


Essay Mills - Experiment in Meta

Researcher orders essays from a number of essay mills with the following prompt:

“When and why do people cheat? Consider the social circumstances involved in dishonesty, and provide a thoughtful response to the topic of cheating. Address various forms of cheating (personal, at work, etc.) and how each of these can be rationalized by a social culture of cheating.”

Not only were the resultant efforts gibberish, but when the researcher complained to one of them that the essay was itself partially plagiarized, and asked for a refund, the essay mill threatened to tell the dean that the 'student' had cheated. Wow! Who can you trust, when you can't trust a guy who's gonna help you cheat your way through school?

UCLA FilmTV archive screenings

Bride of Frankenstein + Restored + Free
Monday, Sep 27th

Shaft + Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song + Blacula
a gaggle of blaxploitation films through October.

1960's era Lenny Nimoy + homoerotic + prison
Why, who would ever want to see that on October 16th?

If you haven't any other plans for Halloween day, at 11AM they'll be showing Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and Disney's animated Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Free!

Ghost Stories and League of Steam in my Hood

A Bekins storage facility seven blocks from the homestead has been transformed into Beacon Arts. The inaugural show, Ghost Stories, opens Oct 14.
On Oct. 29th, there'll be an evening shindig, with "a gallery viewing, Ghost Biker Rally, a screening of Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein plus other film shorts, Rev. Ethan Acres performances, story telling and a performance from the League of Steam. There will also be an after party from midnight to 2am with an admission fee of $10."
And the 30th, they'll have a “Pagan Art Camp”.
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