October 7th, 2010


CA propositions 2010

Okay, kiddies. I've taken a gander at the annual phonebook of propositions, and here are my thoughts. Just as a general comment, I think this year's crop of props include some of the most confusing and abstruse topics ever. Y'know, this crap is what we elect lawmakers to mess around with. So more than ever, I will welcome any comments that reduce my ignorance and/or change my mind.
Good rule of thumb: if you can't understand what the hell the proposition is about, just vote no. Unfortunately, the backers of propositions counter this with ads that say, "Lawyers and pederasts will stomp on thousands of baby ducklings unless you vote for this prop. Your job will be given to someone in Bhutan unless you vote for this prop. Apple and Google have agreed to move their headquarters to the dark side of the moon unless you vote for this prop."
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TL;DR version - Go with the recommendations of the Courage Campaign, that jedifreac brought to my attention. It basically agrees with me.