October 19th, 2010


Victory for Educational Standards

The Supreme Court has decided not to review the case of Association of Christian Schools International et al. v. [the UC system]. Turns out the University can indeed decide what is and isn't adequate coursework in high schools. In particular, the UC can reject science classes that are "inconsistent with the viewpoints and knowledge generally accepted in the scientific community," or history classes that are "inconsistent with ... established standards for practicing history."

The Crimson Kimono

Spotted The Crimson Kimono in LA Plays Itself and put it on the Netflix list. Not a great film of all time, but really quite good, and with a startlingly good performance from James Shigeta in a story that's cleverly constructed and way ahead of its time. Ostensibly about the police investigating the murder of a burlesque dancer, instead it's mainly a character study of two cops who fall in love with the same girl (a witness of sorts in the investigation). Excellent Little Tokyo locations, arousing memories of the the victory of Ocean's Four.