January 4th, 2011


His name just catches my eye like a fishhook

Honestly, I'm not stalking David Ballard, but his latest venture is as Commissioner of the Foam Weapon League:

"FWL is a new kind of martial art that doesn’t depend on strength or size, but rather weapon skill and determination. All fights are 100% real and are not staged or choreographed. Warriors wear harnesses with blood bags attached to vital points of the body – when two of their bags have been broken, they’re out… and a new champion arises."

Spotted from the article on LAist, with many photos.


Dead But Dreaming 2

OK, looks like there's a quasi-public announcement, so I can spill more beans.

My story, "The Spell of the Eastern Sea," will be appearing in Miskatonic River Press' anthology, Dead But Dreaming 2.

If the content list is the final order, I'm sandwiched (ahem, so to speak) between Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire and Kevin "Tell Me, Have You Seen The Yellow Sign?" Ross. A thrilling yet frightening honor! Plenty of other great names in that list, too, for the connoisseur of things Cthulhuvian.

(Elsewhere in the yog-sothoth.com forums is a new notice of another MRP anthology - Horror for the Holidays)