February 24th, 2011


Sorry, anon commenters

4 spam comments for the same lame website this morning. Is CAPTCHA that lame, or are there a lot of people with time on their hands? Oh wow:

"Spammers pay about $0.80 to $1.20 for each 1,000 solved CAPTCHAs to companies employing human solvers in Bangladesh, China, India, and many other developing nations."

Surely you could do better with gold farming, yes?

Full Circle

It was a little weird watching the anime of Pet Shop of Horrors.

I'm sitting in Los Angeles watching a Japanese anime set in Chinatown in Los Angeles.

It was weird enough when all you could tell was that it was in some US city (after all, the police detective is a violent idiot who fires bullets everywhere) but then the 4th episode flashes on City Hall, and we see the mayor with his pet penguin. Just like real life!

Anyway, the anime was okay in a Tales from the Crypt sort of way, but no better than 'okay'.