May 11th, 2011

notpraying mantis

Scam du jour

Got a notice in the mail for a class action lawsuit sorta thing, in regards to my home loan. But this one smelled a little funny. Checking things out, it seems to be a Forensic Mortgage Loan Audit Scam:

In exchange for an upfront fee of several hundred dollars, so-called forensic loan auditors, mortgage loan auditors, or foreclosure prevention auditors backed by forensic attorneys offer to review your mortgage loan documents to determine whether your lender complied with state and federal mortgage lending laws.

Apparently, the CA Bar Association is looking into the matter, though I was creeped out by the fact that the CBA is getting information through a webform on So the personally identifying info they got about me is somewhat suspect.

Calling all zombies... Calling all zombies...

"Mansion of Blood!" will need Zombie actors (or actors who can play zombies) on:

May 19, Thursday
May 20, Friday
Both dates are from 3 pm - 3 am.

The shoot is in West Covina.

Non-Union actors will receive meals and credit. Given that Gary Busey and Carla Laemmle! are in the film, this will really boost your degrees of separation powers. 'I was in a film with Carla Laemmle, who was in a film with Bela Lugosi/Lon Chaney/Buster Keaton...'

For more info email Eddy Salazar: contactme AT


There was a quick jolt this morning, just as I was heading out the door for work. I went over and refresh-refresh-refreshed the USGS page, but didn't see anything. Checking back now, I see a massive 2.4 magnitude earthquake at 08:13:17 AM.
The epicenter was 34.011N 118.410W, roughly at Culver and the 405, so just a couple miles away.