July 31st, 2011


25th high school reunion

A strange and strangely enjoyable experience. I hadn't seen any of these people in the flesh in 25 years, though FB has helped to make things less mysterious. I mean, I went to school in Brea for 5 years, 8th-12th. Now five times that much time has elapsed since then. I feared that it was going to be like a roomful of complete strangers, but the odd thing was the feeling of familiarity, at least among the people I knew -- there were still plenty of people who I have no idea who they are (and I can only perversely hope I didn't know who they were back in the day!) It's not like no time had passed, but I guess five years is enough time to get a good sense of people and personalities, and those people and personalities were still there. I feel like the Magic Mirror on Romper Room... "I saw Franz and Jennifer and Teri and David and Charlene and Lisa and Christian and Jesus and August and Shawna and ..."

Naturally, I was the only member of the Apathy Club to show up, and I believe that means my membership has been revoked.

A little catching up, and a big margarita. A good combination. Okay, see y'all at the 50th!