October 14th, 2011

atheist teacher

The most important election ever!

So there are a grand total of three races on my ballot. All for the governing board for the El Camino Community College district.

In two races, the incumbent is running unopposed.

So I have one decision to make.


So I guess I better make the right choice.

The incumbent was suspended from the bar for 90 days

Practically the only thing I know about the challenger is that she's an RN. No candidate statement. No website I can find.

So, peanut gallery, what to do? I'm not inclined to vote for someone who 'stipulated that his actions involved moral turpitude', especially for something involving money.
On the other hand, the other choice is a pig in a poke, with unknown qualifications, other than being able to come up with the candidacy filing fee.

Shuttle to pass though my hood next year

Endeavour will take a trip from LAX to the California Science Center next fall, and the route is being planned.

"According to officials, the preliminary route envisions the shuttle crossing over the 405 Freeway, traveling through Inglewood on Manchester Boulevard, and then approaching the museum via Crenshaw and Martin Luther King Jr. boulevards."

This may provide the opportunity of a lifetime to take a picture of the Shuttle at Randy's Donuts.