December 12th, 2011



Tree up and decorated.
First batch of holiday cards on their way.
Presents wrapped.
Chili made and consumed (but with leftovers, yay)

I've given up on Good Morning America. I thought Stephenopoulos would help beef things up, but it's been going the wrong direction - fluffy celebrity news, with plenty of plugs for ABC/Disney. I mean, when Robin Roberts is calling for more meat, something is probably wrong. The Stephenopoulos-vacated This Week has also suffered.
I've tried switching to CBS... it'll be curious to see what happens when Charlie Rose shows up next year. Even as a PBS-watching liberal elite, he bores the pants off me. But so far the more distracting thing is that I don't know what time it is. GMA was enough a part of my morning that it's like an alarm clock for my routine.

Finally, how not to spread the good news.