February 13th, 2012



Woke up in the middle of a dream where we lived in an apartment building that came with free tortillas. There was a big cupboard in the foyer, where each apartment had its own little cubby stocked with piles and piles of tortillas. Met one of the new neighbors who was some sort of faddist speedwalker who woke up at midnight to go speedwalking for 8 hours a day. I tried to get away as soon as possible.

Campaign donation appeal from Rick Santorum

For reals.

Dear Spectator reader,

Thank you for your continued support of TheAmerican Spectator. Occasionally, we send emails like this one to introduce our readers to advertisers and other organizations.

Below you will find an important message from Rick Santorum.

– The AmericanSpectator

From Rick Santorum

Dear Patriot:

[That's as far as I got before I figuratively puked. The message itself is not that objectionable, comparing his run with that of Reagan in 1976. And I have to say Santorum looked smooth, relaxed and on point on This Week with Stephanopoulos.]