April 27th, 2012


Greystone Mansion Concours D'elegance - May 6

A bit pricy at $108, and the snoot factor may be off the charts, but there'll be old cars and motorcycles galore at Greystone Mansion on May 6th. It says tickets allow 'access' to the mansion, but I have no idea how much of it will be open.

There are also volunteer opportunities: work 4 hours, and you have the rest of the day to enjoy the place.

Coverage of the 2011 event from Haute (sniff) Living.
[oh, look... there's Steve McQueen's Jaguar]

Egyptian hooha update

The good news is that story about Egypt passing, or wanting to pass, a law allowing men to have sex with their dead wives is baloney.

The other good news is that female genital mutilation has been illegal in Egypt since 2008.

The other other good news is that rates of FGM are falling in Egypt.

The not so good news is that the rate started at more than 90%. Among girls aged 10-14, the rate in 2010 was 66% and among girls 15-17, it's 75% [n.d.]. It's not the kind of thing that stops overnight, so let's hope the trend continues.