March 7th, 2013


Bad librarian, no cookie

"A federal judge on Tuesday ordered a public library in Missouri to unblock access to “occult” websites, which included websites about Native American religions and the Wiccan faith.


Salem [har] Library Director Glenda Wofford told Hunter the websites could only be unblocked if she had a legitimate reason to access them. The library director allegedly also said she had an “obligation” to call the “proper authorities” to report people who wanted to view blocked websites."

The Hydrogen Sonata, by Iain with-an-M Banks

Yep, it's a Culture novel. When I think about it, it's just something blowing up at the start, followed by a couple of long Macguffin hunts, followed by more things blowing up. Nonetheless, it's a fun jaunt around a few corners of the universe. The built-in timeline countdown as a civilization (not part of the Culture) plans to Sublime also adds to the tension as the action slowly picks up steam and hurtles toward the climax.