March 22nd, 2013


20 money saving tips

from bankers:

“'I went to the Maldives six times in a row,' said the hedge fund manager. 'But last year we didn’t go to the Maldives for the first time in six years – we went to stay with friends in New York. I saved around £12k in the process.'”


UPS is giving me a conniption. A wine club box is in limbo, it seems. The tracking info says "A correct street number is needed for delivery."

The info on the shipment shows my correct work address. Even more galling, UPS has a Drop Box at our building!

If they had attempted to deliver it, they would have sent me an InfoNotice. And then I could use their backward customer support system to actually talk to them. But with just the tracking number, I cannot communicate with UPS. They suggest that before the first delivery, I should talk to the shipper. So I sent an email to the winery. Hopefully they can sort things out.