April 2nd, 2013


Stompin' on Jesus Update

The professor who carried out the class exercise to have students step on the word Jesus, in order to demonstrate the power of symbols and cultural sensitivities, has been placed on leave.

For safety reasons.

"'One of the threats said that I might find myself hanging from a tree'"

Shouldn't the Christian response be to allow people to step on the other side of the paper as well?

Also: "Poole is a member of Lighthouse Worship Center Church of God in Christ, Fort Lauderdale, where he belongs to the congregation's usher board."

The war is in abeyance

As an interlude, most of us gathered Chez Graydon for a game of Belfort. It's a fun game of setting your elves and dwarves to acquiring resources and building structures in your cute little fantasy city, earning victory points for various things. A lot of flexibility and options for you to strategerize about. After a couple rounds, I pretty much had the rules down, but unfortunately, there are only 7 rounds. But I stumbled along fairly well, and wound up safely in the middle of the pack by the end. More importantly, I made sure that Graydon lost fair and square, rather than losing in the tie-breaker.

California Klansmen.... I hate these guys

Today was the city elections in Inglewood. Poking around looking for information... any information... on some of the candidates somehow led me to Ku Klux Klan raid (Inglewood).

Pretty hair-raising stuff. An Inglewood city constable killed by gunshot. Oh, but he was a Klansman (as were several other Inglewood police). And he was shot and killed by an Inglewood city marshal, responding to a Klan raid to terrorize a local bootlegger.

The raiders were charged, but ultimately found not guilty.

"It was this scandal, according to the Los Angeles Times, that eventually led to the outlawing of the Klan in California."

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