May 19th, 2013


Joan Pujol Garcia - Best/Laziest Spy in the World

Another great character real person from the History of MI6.

After the Spanish Civil War, Pujol Garcia came to hate fascism and tried to to become a spy for Britain. He was turned down. Not to be discouraged, on his own initiative, he worked up a fictitious existence as a pro-Nazi sympathizer and was accepted as a spy by Germany. He was supposed to travel to Britain and spy, but instead he went to Lisbon and manufactured information based on "a tourist's guide to England, reference books and magazines from the Lisbon public library and newsreel reports he saw in cinemas".

Now the Allies were interested, and he finally did get to England, where now he sent back info to the Germans supplied to him by the secret service. He apparently became the Germans 'best' spy and ultimately 'recruited' and 'ran' a 'network' of dozens of 'agents'.

"Pujol was, on 29 July 1944, awarded the Iron Cross Second Class for his services to the German war effort. The award was normally reserved for front-line fighting men and required Hitler's personal authorisation."

For his services to the British war effort, he was awarded an MBE.

After the war, reasonably concerned that the Germans might want retribution, he "travelled to Angola and faked his death of malaria".