December 26th, 2013


Eldritch Chrome, edited by Sammons & Barrass

This is Chaosium's anthology of Lovecraftian cyberpunk stories. It has a story by me.

The anthology starts of strong with Bob Price's "Obsolete, Absolute". The 'twist' ending is probably not much of a surprise by the time you arrive, but it's fun getting there, and the last line is a great inverted version of how Grandpa Theobald would often end his stories, in italics yet.

The book also ends well with CJ Henderson's "Indifference" and "Open Minded" by Jeffrey Thomas.

Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of space in the middle (where my story is) of rather indifferent stories. Among them were a couple other stories that piqued my interest, like David Conyers' "Playgrounds of Angola" and Tim Curran's "The Blowfly Manifesto".

[Actually, that's too kind. There is one story that I found to be maddeningly terrible. The worst of what "Lovecraftian fiction" has become. No thematic connection to HPL, but numerous paper-thin allusions and name-checks. If you're one of the other authors and are mortified to think it might be you, it almost certainly isn't, because that potential mortification takes more imagination than this story displayed.]