February 15th, 2014


Free to a Good Home - Glasses and Games Giveaway

Since we're thinking about moving, we've been doing some preliminary packing and culling. Today, we poked through glassware and the game drawers. Everything below is free for the asking, if you come and take it away, or otherwise arrange a handoff.


(another photo)

The nicest things are probably the ones in front, the three champagne coupes that came from somewhere in Dr. Pookie's family, but without too much sentimental attachment, and the cut glass brandy snifter that neither of us knows whence it came.

Most of the other wine glasses have winery logos on them. Two beer flutes(?) with waterfowl on them. A total of 8 Ed Hardy shot glasses, 4 in a box and 4 loose. A plastic shaker with a devil's head on it. Rabbit-style corkscrew.

A few free things out of the game drawer:

A 3-D cat-themed Tic-Tac-Toe board from my grandmother (it is free, but you must carry away the guilt)
Quest for the Philosopher's Stone (which I saw at Origins '86)
Cults Across America (with box art by Toren Atkinson)

I also found some that are worth some dough on ebay. Can you believe History of the World selling for $110?

So here's a couple games that are not free, but I'd settle for friend prices:
History of the World
Tigris & Euphrates
Hacker from Steve Jackson. Hack computers like it's 1992!