February 19th, 2014


Chilly earworm

Really don't know why, but Purcell's "What Power Art Thou" from King Arthur has been stuck in my head. [I gather it was used in the Wolf of Wall Street, but I haven't seen it.] My hindbrain has just seized on that pulsing, stuttering rhythm. Even my brain gets tired of it, but it doesn't go away, it just mutates into different baroque chord progressions.

So as a last ditch effort, I'm trying to infect you all, especially maybe some of you people in chilly places who can sympathize with the Spirit of Cold:

What Power art thou,
Who from below,
Hast made me rise,
Unwillingly and slow,
From beds of everlasting snow!

See'st thou not how stiff,
And wondrous old,
Far unfit to bear the bitter cold.

I can scarcely move,
Or draw my breath,
I can scarcely move,
Or draw my breath.

Let me, let me,
Let me, let me,
Freeze again...
Let me, let me,
Freeze again to death!