February 21st, 2014


the physiognomy

The Physiognomy, by Jeffrey Ford. I didn't particularly care for it. Some of the dreams and drug visions felt more like getting jerked around by the author, rather than adding to the story. Inventive and fantastic, but not a real story about real people.

Monsters! by Gustavo Duarte

Monsters! is a graphic novel -- a collection of three short wordless stories by Brazilian artist Duarte. The book from Dark Horse is beautiful, and I appreciated the foreword from Sergio Aragones (Yay!), who spells out how Duarte fits into something of a tradition of, what, Hispanic(?) Iberian(?) comic art. Being without dialog, the stories are somewhat simple, but enjoyable, from a humorous alien abduction to a Twilight Zone-y appointment with fate to the monster-hunting title story.