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Superbreakfast in Bed

Superbowl Sunday was a happy marathon of socializing. From omelettes in the AM to football in the PM, we had the house open all day to a selection of folks. This all stemmed from the breakfast in bed that I was owed after the bachelor/ette party. Chun whipped up omelettes for a fair crowd of people, while I saw to it that we had virtually bottomless(*) mimosas. He had offered a pretty wide set of fixins, but I had specifically requested jalapenos. Chun, on his own, went me one better and picked up habaneros in addition. With a mixture of anticipation and trepidation, I indicated that he should watch himself with those buggers: chop 'em fine, wash your hands and don't wipe your eyes or pick your nose.
He absorbed this info, but unfortunately his fingers also absorbed a fair amount of habanero juice. I think it wasn't until after all the cooking was over that he finally realized, "Hmmm... there's a strange and increasingly unpleasant burning sensation in my fingers." After plenty of washing and ice, he was at least able to bear it stoically.
I think we set a record for minors in the house. Elliott, Tristan and Gwendolyn. The twins were happy to nap continuously, but Elliott caused enough destruction for three.
After the morning shift, the football shift arrived. Just five of us to yell at the television. And yell we did, since echidna-dingleberry-sucking Comcast dropped its cable service in the middle of the 1st quarter. Becca called to yell at them and it seems that we weren't the only ones who'd lost our cable. We 'missed' about a quarter of the game, basically all the happy part when Seattle was leading.
But the game was just an excuse to hang out and chat, and that we did.

Switching gears, there's an annoying Bush-appointed PR flack at NASA who's continuing to dick around with science. Makes me think of making some T-shirts: "First they came for evolution, and I did not speak out, because I was not a biologist."

Oh, and if you haven't been keeping track of the Danish Cartoon Jihad, Iran has severed all trade ties with Denmark, leading to a thriving Tehranian black market for Legos.

(*)The mimosas easily lasted through the morning, with the last being served at about 3pm.
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