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On the low end, Read it Again, Sam in Westchester is going out of business. Books are 40% off at the moment. Lots of romance and mystery, but a fair amount of SF/F/H. I picked up a one-volume collection of Moorcock's Dancers at the End of Time series, and there were several other one-volume editions of Moorcock series, including Elric. I also found Charles De Lint's first book -- Harp of the Grey Rose from 1985. Probably crap.

On the high end, the California Antiquarian Book Fair is coming up President's Day weekend. If you're a bibliophile, it's very cool, since you'll see everything from Gutenberg Bibles to signed copies of the Hobbit. A handful of the booksellers will have rare SF and F books. In particular, one of the booksellers will be showing off the Edgar Wallace collection. Something like 3,000+ books by and about him. Wallace wrote a metric ton of pulpy stuff, including King Kong. Wallace actually died in Hollywood as the first Kong film was getting underway. If you've got a quarter of a million dollars on hand, you might consider making an offer on it.
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