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randbot mentioned something about one of the Enigmaversary photos being perhaps the earliest picture of dark_of_night. To outdo it, I present this exhibit. This photo was wedged into a book as a bookmark, and has probably been there for well over a decade. It fell out recently when Rebecca started rereading the book. It's like a weird time-capsule. Click on the image and check out the flickr notes. It's weird knowing that I still have some of that stuff.
In particular, I'll mention the poster thing in the upper right. It stirred a memory, but I couldn't quite grasp it. All I could see was a yin-yang symbol. Was it maybe something that came with Jordan Mechner's Karateka (which spawned Prince of Persia, which spawned many more Princes of Persia). No.... After locating the Mother of all Apple // game lists, I finally figured it out:

Moebius: The Orb of Celestial Harmony. I still have that headband, too.


Oh, and here's a more recent picture of Becca, taken by the_undertow at the wedding. Click for more bigness:

She's got the same cute smile! Aw!
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