No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Powers of 10^3

$.76 = One ounce bottle of itch reliever.

$760 = Taxidermist form for an African Bongo.

$760,000 = Four bedroom house near-ish to USC in Los Angeles.

$760,000,000 = One Katrina of government reimbursement for emergency services. (Or one Paris-Las Vegas Casino)

$760,000,000,000 = One kiloKatrina = The 2005 Deficit.

That is, the government spent one thousand Katrinas more than it took in. Two or three Katrinas a day for a year. But it will get far less airtime on the news than even one Katrina. And if you think that's a catastrophe, let me introduce you to my friend compound interest. The interest the US paid on the national debt in 2005 was almost 500 Katrinas.
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