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Few the nits that's print to all

Other uses for the money blown on the war in Iraq. If we were being selfish, every American could have a Sony 23" HDTV. If we were being altruistic, we could have given every adult citizen in Iraq $16,000 and a plane ticket to the US. But that's not as much fun as blowing shit up. Or an HDTV.

RIP Desmond Doss, the only conscientious objector to receive a Medal of Honor in World War II. "While under enemy fire on the island of Okinawa, Doss carried 75 wounded soldiers to the edge of a 400-foot cliff and lowered them to safety, according to his citation."

Scientists discover awesome missing link between fish and land-dwelling vertebrates. Creationists will no doubt complain that there are now gaps on either side of it.

Remember when I was talking about the new intel-based iMacs? Keep your eyes out for the four horsemen, because you can now boot Windows XP on them.
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