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Fashion, Larpies and Passover Donuts

Somethingawful's politically incorrect Fashion SWAT takes on street style. The first four lines of the next page reach the article's pinnacle, though it's hard to argue with, "The best kind of pants are those ones with the superbleached knees and crotches. Nothing turns me on like a woman who looks like she pisses herself so habitually that it's permanently ruined her clothes."

Yeah, about them Larpies. Well, I caved in, weaseled more favors and got the producers some video like they demanded. Andrew was having some camera problems, so I hope they find some usable material on there. Given that mice have been living in the monster costume, I'm not real keen to ever put it on again. Man, the things we do for... I'm not really sure what I'm doing it for. Mainly, I guess, a chance to experience something bizarre and unprecedented. Success or failure, I'm going to enjoy the ride.

Funniest news I've heard about the Larpies? Some poor 16-year-old got banned from LARPing by his mommy when she saw the naughty women on the Larpies website (which has been cleaned up a bit, and Ron Jeremy is no longer listed among the celebs. (Damn! (He seems like a hoopy frood.))).

It's clear the producers have a very different idea of what this show should be all about and what LARPs should be all about. In my most optimistic mood, I think this will be an opportunity to represent Enigma-style live games to a wider audience. In my most pessimistic mood, I imagine rabid dingoes, mandatory squassation and the phrase "officer-involved shooting."

Today was my turn to buy donuts for the office. I went to Randy's and pulled up at the drive-through and noticed that the donut girl (donut serveress? donut hostess? hostess donut? MMMmmm.... Hostess Donuts...). Anyway the donut girl reminded me of the slightly-goth-y era Elke. Black fingernails and same general age and shape. She seemed amused during the transaction and only as she handed me the change does it occur to me that I have Die Form in the CD player. We shared a moment and, naturally enough, a few minutes later I was eating her jelly donut. And by eat, I mean consume. And by jelly donut, I mean a small cake made from rich, light dough that is deep fat-fried and then filled with jelly.
Tags: bio, funny, larp/rpg

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