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Bogs & Lawns & Frets & Steak & Eggs

On Good Friday, Rebecca and I naturally turned our thoughts to honoring the greatest sacrifice in the name of religion. So we went to go look at the Bog People at the Natural History Museum. Very nice exhibit, though most of the bog people just look like a shapeless hunk of people jerky. But a lot of the other material things that had been deposited in the bog were very interesting, since most of them were very valuable items. Two of the bog people had been buried in a cloak that's truly amazing to look at. It's surprising what does and doesn't survive in the bog. People and wool get nicely tanned, while linen falls apart. Bronze does okay, but iron gets eaten up. There were a pair of bronze lurs (sort of an ancient Germanic sousaphone) that look like you could still play them.
While we were there, we looked over the gems, dinosaurs and MesoAmerican artifacts at the museum. Plenty of fantastic stuff.

This morning was spent in taming the lawn and grounds. I edged until my edger was sore. Things are looking a bit more ship-shape.

A wedding present came a little while back from a certain benefactor. A thank-you note has been written, if not posted, so I feel like I can officially express happiness in this forum. I am now slightly (ok, very) addicted to Guitar Hero. It provides an excellent illusion of being a god of rock. I feel like Ben Franklin when he said, "That's game, Hendrix." But just as DDR doesn't prepare one for ballet, I expect Guitar Hero doesn't translate very well to real guitars. On the other hand, on some of the higher difficulty settings, it's hard to imagine actually playing the guitar being much harder.

Fired up the BBQ this afternoon and had some nice porterhouses. It's always good to enjoy the back 40 after some effort has been expended on making it look better.

Tomorrow, there'll be lunch with mom for Easter.
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