No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Why did it never occur to me before

that Pink Floyd has a song entitled "Green is the Colour," while the Darkest of the Hillside Thickets have a song entitled "Colour Me Green"? The lyrics are not completely dissimilar either.

Heavy hung the canopy of blue
Shade my eyes and I can see you
White is the light that shines through the dress that you wore
She lay in the shadow of the wave
Hazy were the visions of her playing
Sunlight on her eyes but moonshine beat her blind everytime
Green is the colour of her kind
Quickness of the eye deceives the mind
Many is the bond between the hopeful and the damned

Violet flows from the wound in your chest
Black is the hole in which you rest
Your heart of gold was ripped in two
Soaked in the sickness that is you.
Grey is the box that holds my head
Yellow's the wind when everyone's dead
Red is the blood dried on the rope
While green is your last hope.
Colour me green - Green is the colour of my god

And of course, there's that anomolous non-American spelling of color. (Yes, I went through my Anglophilic spelling phase, but apart from doubling consonants (as in traveller) that's pretty much disappeared.)

And while I'm on the subject of lyrics, I suggest that bestepisodeever and oohbarracuda should cover this song.
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