No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118


The internet at home ain't a-workin', and it looks like Comcast's collective head is up its collective butt as usual.

Anyway, I watched Spike for a couple days and he's a big friendly fluff-ball. As usual, he helpfully leads you to the food bowl.

On Saturday, Rebecca's cousin Jen and her husband were briefly in-town during a long layover on their way back from New Zealand. Jealous! They are paper conservators (i.e. double-0 shoot-to-kill librarians) and were there attending a conference. Extremely Jealous!
We drove them around a little bit, took them to dinner and chatted over a bottle of wine before the curse of the international date line started to make them sleepy - so we dropped 'em back off at their hotel. They're pretty cool people and would fit in well with our crowd of weirdos. I mean, we all know how easy it would be for a husband-and-wife paper conservancy duo to find a job wherever they wanted.

Spent some time Sunday morning improving the lawn. Rebecca mowed and trimmed, while I mostly disposed of leaves and weeds and trimmings.

Here's part of the new plan at the Larpies, with GWAR out of the picture:

ZOLAR X will then come out for an encore performance, where they will jam with 8-year-old rap sensation LIL MAXSO as the LARPY Award winners and runners-up “battle” their way upstairs to the VIP after-party (to be held in the Avalon Theatre’s Spider Lounge.)

Sweat pours from essentialsaltes' knuckles as he grits his teeth and says, "I'm still going." For some reason, I keep thinking of that scene in This is Spinal Tap. "I told them a thousand times: Spinal Tap first, Puppet Show last."

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