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Omnibus Post-Larpy post

Again to spare the friends' list, I offer this space for the continuance of discussion of any aspects of the show, conception, execution, whatever. I intend to round up relevant links as I come across them and put them in comments. Feel free to continue to comment on my previous recap if that's what you wanna talk about.

First off, aaronjv has now put down his recollections of the event from the planning stages to the show. It makes a really excellent complement to my own reminiscences. Aaron focuses much more on the many deficiencies and asshatteries, and provides much better insights into things that I only got through hearsay. More importantly, Aaron demonstrates that someone spent more time than I did on recording and commenting on all this nonsense. And he paid enough attention that he actually knows who the winners were for almost all the categories. I haven't seen any official mention of the winners anywhere, so you heard it here first.

There is also a Yahoo group devoted to discussion of the Larpies show. There are some photos (including a blurry one of Colleenky at the podium giving her speech) and even some video of a Larper and Captain Jack Sparrow having a sword battle in the parking lot. At one point there is a brief flash of red and gold embroidery along the right hand edge: that's nathan_h. There is a briefer flash of black: that's my trenchcoat.

WHOOO! Hip Hop News on the Larpies. She doesn't know much about LARPing (and all she knows, she learned from NERO) and she doesn't write very grammatically, but she promises to wear Spock ears and a costume next time.

This merits an edit rather than a comment. The Enigma website now trumpets our wins.

This also merits an edit rather than a comment. Aaron's photos.

And here's video of the battle scene at the start of the show.

And while I'm here, a hearsay account from _thorgrim_.
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