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Before going on to Sunday, Let me just squeeze in an acknowledgement of Tapani and Monica’s dinner on Saturday. They whipped up some excellent chili and a noodly stroganoff dish. I gobbled up lots of chili, and many people raved about the stroganoff.
Okay, Sunday morning starts early for me. After a good two hours’ sleep, I wake up because my bladder is basketball sized. I stumble inside and find, surprisingly, Bino on his feet in the hallway. I discover that I have a kind bone in my body, since I do not take this opportunity to mercilessly twit him about his vomitous escapades of the night before. Instead I congratulate him on his verticality and take a whiz. I snuggle back into the sleeping bag and catch a few more minutes’ sleep, but pretty soon Rebecca and I are both up. Chun starts poking around the kitchen looking for his supplies for the Sunday eggfest he has planned. Pretty soon I’m chopping a few tomatoes, Rebecca is chopping a bushel of potatoes, Rozelle is making coffee and Chun is playing with other breakfasty accoutrements. Rebecca goes on to fry up the potatoes, while Chun concentrates on the omelettes and other eggy things. Rozelle tackles the toast, and I get the hell out of the way, occasionally locating bowls and other dishes to hold all the food. By this time, more people have stumbled into the kitchen. The Fuckwit Conversation of last night is one of the main topics of amusement/annoyance. It was not just Rebecca, Prime and I who were inconvenienced. A couple more of the tent-dwellers were also wakened by the adolescent drama. But soon enough hot eggy goodness drives all such thought away. I get in a little Apples to Apples action, before giving up my seat at the table to the next breakfaster with a laden plate. Chun whipped up some damn tasty professional omelettes. I also drank a lot of orange juice to replenish my fluid levels.
Maxicon was not getting off to a quick start in the morning. Plenty of sluggards had to be bribed out of bed with warnings that Chun was going off duty soon.
Since not much was shaking, I got in a game of HeroClix with Brian, while Steve took care of all the pesky rules. I’d never played before, and Brian had only played long enough to get whipped by Steve, but that was enough practice for Brian to kick my butt. It was fun, but I’m not enough of a comic fan to really enjoy it. I just thought the little clicky dealies were cool, and wanted to see how it worked out.
My brain is getting hazy on the details here. I think the sleep deprivation must have busted my memory. Anyway, I remember playing some Once upon a time and some Boggle and just generally hanging out. Oh, and I listened in on a bit of the second run of Brian’s HOL game. I also acted as bartender for HOL. I mixed drinks for everyone who wanted them out of the HOL supplies, and later while I was playing Boggle, I was called in to mix a drink for the drinking challenge between Dead Mr. Jim (Aaron) and Pan (Holmeister Brian). I made a sort of Manhattan, but added some Blue Curacao until it turned a sickly green-brown.
Next up, Axis and Allies. I’m not a big wargame fan, but I like A&A. I convinced myself that I was honoring America’s war dead on Memorial Day by replaying WWII. I wound up as the British. Rich, who takes his wargames far too seriously, was the Japanese. Owen was the Nazis. Tapani, good Finn that he is, was the Russians. And my American ally for the game was Megan. By this time, I had exorcized all my ill-will during the gossipfest at breakfast, so I could deal with her just fine. It would be hard to make a worse first impression than she already had, so it’s no surprise that she managed to dig her way out of the obnoxious idiot category and into the category two levels above that. Anyway, the first turn went pretty much all the Allies’ way. Rich was on the verge of crying, conceding and taking his game home. The Germans destroyed their units in Africa attacking the British forces, leaving me in control of the continent. I built a factory in India and defended it against the Japanese assault. After a few more turns, Russia was getting creamed pretty badly, but America and I were doing pretty well. Somewhere in here, Kirsten whipped up some excellent burritos with BBQ chicken & all the fixins for dinner. I gobbled mine up greedily at the warmap. Britain was just about to receive some badly needed aid from America when I got called away for the second round of Dilithium Bartender, so I let someone else stand in for me. I still don’t know who won the war! If my allies let me down, I’ll be pissed.
This time around, Rebecca and I were joined by Yarden and Graydon as bartenders, and the special ingredient was prune juice. I made sort of a Cosmoprunitan, with some special fillips added. I also reached into my bag of dirty tricks and used some Bacardi 151, turned the lights out, and showed off the Flaming Mike to the judges. I couldn’t get it to light the first time, so I added quite a bit more 151, and it burned a magnificent blue. I obviously hadn’t learned from my earlier rule about not lighting drinks on fire in plastic cups, but I didn’t let it burn long enough to melt the cup. Aaron got the first swig of it, and I guess it must have curled all his body hair, since it was probably 90% 151. Later judges got to the more Cosmoprunitan part of the drink, which was quite tasty. After a long judges’ consultation, I emerged triumphant.
My victory infused some much needed stamina now that I had to run my own game after 30 hours of gaming and two hours of sleep. Cthulhu in Space: the characters were Shuttle Astronauts being sent to the International Space Station. There’s an accident involving the ISS, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, and a quasar at the edge of the universe. It would be tedious to go through the whole plot, but there were some definite highlights. Aaron managed to get himself in position for massive SAN loss. And the best part was that the little notes I sent him seemed to be genuinely baffling and confusing. A little quantum mechanics, a little alternate universe action, some dead bodies, a little physical danger in the unforgiving environment of space… all added up to some paranoid astronauts doing strange things. Like sedating and tying down one of their own comrades. Like building a homemade bomb and leaving it on a space station full of people. Like wrestling with an Outer God using the Space Shuttle manipulator arm. It all came to a good end, though. The universe was completely destroyed. But the players did manage to save the universe next door, which is not too bad.
By that time it was 1AM, so we packed up our crud and hit the road. A relaxing game-less Monday, and then back to the salt-mine.
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