No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Musical Pumpkins

Enjoy some grafitti honoring a certain musical composition recently discussed in my blog.

Becca has planted a few cucurbit and cucumis seeds in the backyard. And she may even have sown the seeds of a party, so to speak. For the directions for growing Cucurbita maxima seem to suggest an unusual festivity. Apparently, to get the largest pumpkins (and who wouldn't want the largest?) you snip off all the other blossoms when you have two pumpkins a-growing. And then, on Midsummer's Day, the directions on the seed envelope instruct one to "sacrifice one pumpkin to direct the plant's energy into the remaining fruit."

So, assuming we get some curcubitaceous action going, we may trade our 4th of July party for a Midsummer Pumpkin Sacrifice Party.
Tags: news, party, photo
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