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Guppy Gobblers, Crushing Interest & Thue-Morse

Check it out. A Catholic school fires a teacher for undergoing in vitro fertilization. She "violated a provision of her employment contract saying a teacher has to act in accordance with Catholic doctrine."
When I went to work for Notre Dame Academy, I had a lot of reservations about this and other clauses of the employment contract. I remember several phone calls with SMP, who reassured me that as long as I didn't attempt to use my classroom as a pulpit to convert proper young ladies to atheism, I'd be fine. But it looks like some schools take that contract a little bit more seriously.
I'm also charmed by another detail in the story: "the Vatican now is considering allowing the use of condoms to help battle AIDS in Africa." It's really heart-warming to see that a traditional organization like the Church only requires 25 years and 17 million dead Africans for them to consider things. After all, it took 359 years for the Church to apologize for that whole Galileo thing. Not that I'm bitter.

In other news, maybe here's a way for aaronjv to buy a house: The 50 year mortgage. Let's see... How about a $400K loan (well under the $600K median home price in LA) at 6% fixed interest for 50 years? That comes out to monthly payments of about $2,100. Over the life of the loan (assuming Aaron lives to 85) he would own the place having paid out a total of $1,263,372.
For comparison's sake, the same loan over 30 years would have payments of $2,400, and you'd wind up paying $400,000 less in interest. So... my financial advice is to suck a few cocks every month for that extra $300. Either that or skip the cocksucking, buy everything on credit, and die before the bills come due. It's the American Way.

I give you the Thue-Morse Sequence. It's a weird motherfucker. One way to construct it is as follows:

Turn every 0 into 01 and every 1 into 10
Start with 0

0 --> (01) --> (01)(10) = 0110 --> (01)(10)(10)(01) = 01101001 and so on

More compactly:

0 --> 01 --> 0110 --> 01101001 --> 0110100110010110 --> 01101001100101101001011001101001

Or you can get the next one by just appending the complement. For instance, the complement of 0110 is 1001, and the next number is indeed 01101001

Or, perhaps most insightfully, you can think of it as the sum of the binary digits of the integers:


It's certainly not random, but it doesn't quite repeat.
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