No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

New lamps for old!

This morning, my coffee ingestion was interrupted by the plaintive call of the jackhammer. Seemed awfully close. I look about at the alley and the gas station. Nope. In fact, right out front, there's a big burly dude digging his way to China in my front lawn. Well, out in the street strip, anyway. His truck says something about street-lighting and indeed, he's digging away at the foot of the streetlamp. Apparently, they're replacing them. In fact, there was a line of trucks down our street carrying out synchronized streetlamp replacement. True story. Yeah, I can tell you're amazed.
Well, tonight there's some function at Tartan Hall, and tomorrow I get my Flugtag on, so I'll probably be inconneticado for a few days.

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