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Journal of No. 118

June 5th, 2006

Not Politics @ 10:06 am

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P -> Q
Therefore ~P

I was witness to lots of BBQage this weekend, including two separate tritips on Saturday. Sunday's BBQ experiment included the chayote, which was not a big hit with Rebecca, though I found it no more bland than any other squashoid thing.

Saturday also saw a little more Lurker action, with Andrew and A&K. Knowing of Aaron's new fixation on Guitar Hero, I brought it along and introduced Andrew to the game. Andrew actually has Godzilla as a ringtone and his eyes lit up as he saw it in the playlist. I do declare, GH is the new DDR... or at least I am hearing the same phrase applied to it: "I'm going to buy a PlayStation just so I can play this game."
Anyway, good food, good company, good fun... good weekend.
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Journal of No. 118