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According to Warren, I'm to list seven songs that I'm currently enjoying at the moment.

Hmmm... this is tough, because my mode of music-listening is now "fill up the iPod and hit shuffle play". Actually, yesterday, I hit Soundsations (now relocated round the corner on La Tijera) and dropped some $ on some used disks. I picked up the Bauhaus final concert, as well as some Ministry and Massive Attack. Haven't listened enough to make it onto a currently enjoying list. So I'll have to do a little fudging, combining stuff I have in the car with stuff I'm playing on the piano with Guitar Hero with stuff currently coursing through Pippin's memory (yes, I have named my iPod shuffle Pippin -- LotR geek crossed with Apple faithful)

seven songs meme (song - band)
1. "Bad Habit" - Offspring (What? You say I shouldn't listen to this at drive time?)
2. "Hungarian Rhapsody #2" - Franz Liszt (This piece is just incredible. I'll never be able to play it, but just to be able to make a few seconds of similar sounding noises is rewarding. Damn, now I want to see "Rhapsody in Rivets".)
3. "Soylent Grun" - wumpscut (thanks, jason_brez!)
4. "Texas Flood" - Stevie Ray Vaughn (SRV never really made it onto my radar - I have some sort of instinctive distrust of blues guitarists in cowboy hats. But maybe I judged him unfairly, because this is one of the most frustratingly fun tracks on Guitar Hero)
5. "Red Right Hand" - Nick Cave (I wonder if it's possible to get tired of this song. I doubt it.)
6. "Kashmir" - Led Zeppelin (Damn.)
7. "Cockroach that Ate Cincinnati" - Rose & the Arrangement (okay, it popped up on the iPod this morning, and I can't resist putting it on here.)

Seven songs, seven tags. (In just ten more layers, everyone on the planet will have done this meme.)

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