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Saskatchewan needs our hotties

Hopefully it's just for the landscaping they've been working on, but there's policecars (hmmm... I typed 'policecats') blocking the intersection at Sepulveda and Westchester Parkway. No one (!) is being allowed to go south (towards LAX). There's a lot of angry cars in the neighborhood. And no line at In-N-Out.

Best/Saddest part of a Wall Street Journal article on the death of Myspace:
The guerrilla marketing has driven away James Kalyn, a 30-year-old technical writer in Regina, Saskatchewan. He kept receiving friend requests from half-naked female strangers through his MySpace page. Clicking on a request usually led to a profile that turned out to be an ad for a pornography site. At first, Mr. Kalyn was excited that "these hot girls allegedly wanted to be my friend." But after looking at a few profiles, he realized: "If it's a picture of someone fairly attractive, they're probably not my friend in real life."


Dungeons & Dragons player tried for murder after killing co-worker with homemade sword: "Roby said Flemons was obsessed with magic, fantasy, the occult, voodoo, Santeria, telekinesis and spirits." Why did none of those things make it into the headline?

notjenshiz take note: Brainiacs win lottery.

You may have heard about Michael J. Fox's campaign ad where he shakes his head and shakes his fist at those who would halt stem cell research. Apparently, there's a response ad with some jocks and some woman I never heard of. Wait, that face... Hey, it's annoying Albertson's woman! Let's see what we can... whoa, annoying Albertson's woman is Honorary Chair of Feminists for Life. And she hosts a stand-up DVD with seven comedians "who all just happen to be Christian." I mean to say, what are the odds? [Okay, it's true the Zionist conspiracy controls comedy.]
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