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Troy Ounces per Ton

Today I went to give a small presentation at the client's newly acquired headquarters. It's awesome. It is totally Scorpio's think-tank/laboratory/lair. Built in the mid-60's up in the California hills, with more than a hint of case study house #22 about it. Perfect green lawns with expertly manicured trees set among chapparal-covered ravines. I'd tell you more, but the bossfella had to write down the serial number of the laptop he brought with him, not to mention the scans of our driver's licenses that they took. If I told you more, no doubt something would go wrong with the explosive neck-collar I have to wear for the next month. The meeting went pretty smoothly, and I basically gave the whole presentation. Then I got a free sammich and fries at their cafeteria. I win!

One project down, now on to the next, having to do with chemical analysis in mining. You'd think that mining has come a long way over the centuries, but you'd be wrong. It's still basically alchemy. You take your crushed and powdered ore, add a flux containing litharge and also some flour to aid the reduction in the furnace. After removing the slag and cooling your button, place it into a pot made of bone ash and pop it in the athanor for a thorough cupellation. Then apply aqua regia. Finally, your gold is ready for the inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer. Okay, that last bit goes somewhat beyond alchemy. You may think I'm joking, but only one of the preceding terms was fudged.

And now I know that bone china is actually made of bones. Yay, I learned something new today! I win!
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