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Journal of No. 118

November 5th, 2006

This way to the Descendophile! @ 11:34 pm


I spent part of Saturday morning tagging my wall. Or rather, covering a tag with my own spraypaint. Since I have to follow the same pattern, I'm getting my crew skills.

Saturday evening, Becca and I got in a little RPG'ing, courtesy of notjenschiz who ran a little one-shot Carnivale-flavored game. Lots of fun, and we managed to invent a new variety of carny freak and help Prime make his goatee glow like an undersea creature.

I am ahead in the weekly football pool for the moment, but the afternoon games seem to be against me at the moment.

Becca's notebook has gotten huffy and refuses to speak wirelessly to the Mac.
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Journal of No. 118