No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

Idiocy on Parade! Friday 1PM to 2PM edition

Story 1:
Chicago gets crime-fighting robots. Too bad they're lame (as opposed to super-awesome). But I bring it up because of this sentence: "City officials are touting the arrival of three new robots the city will use to diffuse bombs."
Man, $135K for three robots and all they can do is use a Photoshop filter? Government waste is just appalling.

Story 2:
"At first, [the history teacher] denied he mixed in religion with his history lesson, and the adults in the room appeared to be buying it, [the student] said. But then he reached into his backpack and produced the CDs."

[Audio]: "...if you reject that, you belong in hell ... dinosaurs were on Noah's ark..."


(But it's a feel-good story for both sides of the issue, since the student is being ostracized.)
Tags: news, religion, wordplay

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