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Journal of No. 118

December 7th, 2006

Holiday Sauce for the Goose... @ 12:42 pm

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excusemesenator in atheism made my holiday season brighter:

A group of Pagans in Albemarle County, Va., was recently given permission to advertise their multi-cultural holiday program to public school children – and they have the Rev. Jerry Falwell to thank for it.

Seems a church group tried to distribute messages about their Bible School at the public school. The administrators balked, but then Falwell's Liberty Counsel came in and scared them into accepting the fliers.

So now some UU pagans have distributed their own message offering "an educational program for children of all ages (and their adults), where we’ll explore the traditions of December and their origins, followed by a Pagan ritual to celebrate Yule." Awesome possum.

Naturally, the local populace was thrilled by this glorious opportunity to demonstrate that all religions are treated equally here in the US of A. Well, maybe some of them are thrilled, but there's plenty of bitching and belly-aching.
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Date:December 7th, 2006 09:01 pm (UTC)
That is how it's supposed to work! Go pagans!
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Date:December 7th, 2006 09:04 pm (UTC)
I love it when this happens.

I'm all moist
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Date:December 7th, 2006 10:10 pm (UTC)


Merry Mithrasmas, Falwell fuckers!

Hee hee hee!
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Date:December 8th, 2006 12:17 am (UTC)
Wow, I just realized that I lived there for 5 months...

Do you know that UVA only opened its doors to women in the 1970s? I think they're now working on getting black people in.
Date:December 10th, 2006 11:21 am (UTC)
I have long dreamt of government-funded Satanic therapy groups...getting people off drugs through devil-worship.

I half-heartedly tried to get my Wiccan buds to apply for gov't funding (for any publc-support program, like teaching reading to kids), just to fuck the system, but they weren't interested in serving as my anti-political tools.

Damn you Pagans!

Journal of No. 118