No. 118 (essentialsaltes) wrote,
No. 118

I experiment with zero gee!

For the confused, start here

By the time you get a sense of your surroundings, you notice something. Or maybe a lack of something. Gravity!
Actually, it all must have happened without you noticing it. As soon as the roar and vibration of the engines cut out, gravity seemed to be switched off as well. Your teachers told you that gravity wouldn't really be gone, and the rocket scientists said some stuff you didn't understand about the equivalence principle. But what does that matter? You can fly now!
You and a couple others unhook your safety harnesses and float up into the cabin area. Most of the other kids seem to be either asleep or hooked into their virtual worlds. Suckers.
The chaperones give you a few warnings to be careful, but pretty soon you're kicking off the walls, floor and ceiling... except that now that there's no up and down, floor and ceiling don't mean anything anymore.
You turn endless somersaults in the air. You twist through the air like a demon eel. You carom off the back of someone's seat. But it's even better with a pal. You rocket at each other, and when you grab hands, you swing around in a dosido, until you release and fly off again in opposite directions.
Just as the captain says the moon is approaching, you start to notice that you're getting pretty exhausted with this strange new activity. Maybe it's time to rest or do something else.
Tags: meme

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