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Informants from LJ-Land

The ever-musical lencrenoire informs me that for Mozart's 250th birthday, the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum is making all of his sheet music available for free download. I find this little bit of Germlish amusing, "NOTE: We are overvelmed by the resonance of this website." Overvelmed? Overvelmed? Just say it in your best Erich von Stroheim/Marlene Dietrich voice.

tragic_culture made it known that there will be no Larpies in 2007. I haven't seen anything official, but Ford Ivey has said "I recently talked to Joe, and here's the deal: We will not be having awards in 20007, but will in 2008. That gives us the year to get our act together with the new awards and address the many problems they have had, both in content and image. It also gives any nominees sufficient time to get together a presentation for judgment for an award."

Interestingly, he mentions that "We will be giving awards in three different divisions: Adventure, Theater, and Free Form." I'm not sure what distinction there is between Theater Style and Freeform, but they are apparently interested in creating new awards categories that are specific to each LARP style. And they need knowledgeable judges. If anyone wants to kibitz, the quote comes from a larpa-gen post.

And while I have LARPA on the brain, interactivearts mentions that the Journal of Interactive Drama ("A Multi-Discipline Peer-Reviewed Journal of Scenario-Based Theatre-Style Interactive Drama Freeform Live Action Roleplaying Games" [you can tell it's good genuine academese from the strings of noun-adjectives]) is calling for papers. They're aiming high, obviously, but "authors should feel comfortable submitting material of either a formal or informal nature" and they will be publishing scenarios and design articles.
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