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and into 2007

Went to rizwank and R's NYE party and had a good time. It was good mix of people I know, people I sorta kinda know, and people I didn't know at all. I forced myself to meet a few, with some success. R made his Times Square drink, which starts with a Manhattan (naturally), some club soda (standing in for going to an actual club) and finally the ball drop -- a scoop of lime sorbet. R is more a concept-man than a taste-man, but this was acceptable. I'm much more concerned about his invention of the Blitzkrieg, in which Jaegermeister 'invades' a Belgian ale.
But one Times Square was more than enough to upset my equilibrium, so naturally I made myself a gargantuan apple martini. By the time I started on the gin & ginger-ale, my body started sending a disturbing (and accurate) forecast of future doom. I switched to soda until midnight, when champagne was mandatory. Becca and I came home not too much after that. After a little while, I got into that hideous state where when I start to fall asleep, my body thinks I'm blacking out and it spazzes out. I wasn't drunk enough to hurl, but I couldn't sleep, so I just lay there and moaned until dawn. By that point, my body was finally sober enough to let me sleep until noon. Then I watched a lot of football from the safety of the couch. Plenty of okay games, but I'm glad I stuck it all the way out for the Fiesta Bowl. It was an unbelievable game and little underdog Boise State pulled out all the stops and beat Oklahoma in overtime. 22 points scored in the last 86 seconds of regulation. The Sooners scored the first TD in OT, but Boise not only scored on its drive, but they went for the two point conversion and won it all. Great game, and then the Boise State runningback proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend. It was like a Norman Rockwell painting.

Now for the news in atheism:
California: Senior Citizens form an atheist club at their retirement community that's now up to 85 regulars.

Alabama: A veteran writes an editorial column protesting Bible classes in the public schools and his car is attacked with a baseball bat.

While I'm on the subject, I recently read One Woman's Fight, Vashti McCollum's autobiographical history of McCollum v. Board of Education. Thumbs up is my quick review, but expect more blogginess later.
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