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Book Review: Triskell Tales #2

Triskell Tales 2 by Charles de Lint

Sure, you say to yourself, essentialsaltes is all about atheism, rationalism, science and death. But people who know me well know that I got an Anne McCaffrey book signed at WorldCon. Naturally, they mocked me for it mercilessly, but anyway...

Triskell Tales 2 (and its predecessor, which I also own and cherish) collects the stories that de Lint publishes every year as personal little chapbooks to send to his 200 closest friends. Most of the stories take place in the same universe as his other stories of Newford and feature many of the recurring characters that make up his modern mythology. Some are clearly light bagatelles, while others are basically brand-new and serious stories in his evolving mythos.
If you're not yet a de Lint devotee, then you need to introduce yourself to his more readily available work, but once you get hooked, the Triskell tales are invaluable additions to the completist.
It's also a nice touch that Subterranean has wheedled de Lint into producing a number of extra chapbooks for those who buy the collection; on the other hand, de Lint was wheedled into making an extra thousand of them, so my feeling of specialness is somewhat attenuated.
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