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Everyone's all happy about Barack Obama, right? Nyet. Read all about how he was "born of a Muslim father and an atheist mother", and "raised by his atheist grandparents." His middle name is Hussein; do you really have to say anything else?
Despite their best efforts, I think I'm being spun widdershins by the spin-meisters.

Okay, now pictures:

What do you get when you mix:
an 80 year old house
California-style insulation
and a heater with a loose wire?

This was the thermostat Monday morning. I swear on a stack of Principiae Mathematica that it was pegged at 50 on Sunday morning. This is a new record low for the Mikeandbecca house by close to ten degrees.

From a few weeks back, Changeling under the Xmaholisolstizaa tree. She enjoyed hanging out there:

Last but not least

Zachary Hameed Khan (& dad):

Putting together the meaning of his names you get:
God has remembered the one given praise for being a genetically engineered superman.

The little bugger even has his own blog at Blogspot, for which I have set up an LJ feed at zachkhan.
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