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Films of 2006

Since notjenschiz was good enough to cameo in my dreams, I'll accede to his meme, lifted from Silent Bob, who runs down the films of 2006. Here are the ones I saw -- mostly through Netflix, so I'm several months behind the theater-going public. Starred entries are good.

First off.... *DARKON*!!! There are flashes of brilliance in this documentary of boffer-LARP. I wish they would have shot twice as much footage and pruned some more. Not great, but it's on a subject I love, even if I barely recognize any common ground between Enigma Live Games and Boffer LARPs.

ULTRAVIOLET - OMG is this movie bad.
*V FOR VENDETTA - Good, but not great.
*AKEELAH AND THE BEE - A little after-school-special-ish, but still really good.
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 - saw it mos on a plane. Did not create a desire to see it with sound.
*THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - Good, wicked fun
*A SCANNER DARKLY - Not as good as the book, but I enjoyed it a lot.
*LADY IN THE WATER - This film really won me over. I would love to run an RPG or LARP with a similar set-up.
THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED - Interesting documentary, but a little unfocused in its rage. On the other hand, the interviews with John Waters and others are priceless.
*CASINO ROYALE - Excellent rebirth of Bond
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