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Saw Brokeback Mountain. I thought it was good, but not as enjoyable as the Wedding Banquet. I think I'm just not a drama queen. Uh, so to speak. I'm wondering if it would have done better box office with a different title, like... Cowpokes. Or maybe City Slickers III.

Finished reading a lovely deluxe version of the Egyptian Book of the Dead with lots of great ancillary photos of texts, paintings and tomb offerings. It's mostly gibberish, but occasionally interesting gibberish. And the photos and other material really made it worthwhile.

Also finished Lempriére's Dictionary, by Lawrence Norfolk. I can't say that I found it very enjoyable. The author has a very annoying habit of combining internal monologue and external description without any demarcation. Is it so hard to click-drag and hit control-I? Honestly, I'm not a dullard, but I found it hard to flip inside and outside of people's heads.
After several hundred pages, I'm sure my attention wandered, but I'm still pretty certain that some obvious mysteries were never cleared up in any fashion. There are some clear 'fantasy' elements, for lack of a better term, but it's not really a fantasy novel. It's a novel of historical conspiracy involving the East India Company and classical mythology. If you are either jason_brez or a literary wanker, you may like it.

And, due to ladyeuthanasia, I am tagged with a meme I'm unsuited for filling out. I'm not Jewish or Catholic, so what do I know about guilt? Not much, it would appear.

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Fussiness I was raised on macaroni and hamburgers. Although I've widened my food selection a lot, my brain and stomach revolt at many things other people consider edible.
Literary: Inglewood Free Newspapers One is called Our Weekly. You know, all the news about us black people. Features the hilarious adventures of Dr. Kwaku ( and his one man fight against historical fact.
Audiovisual: Tank Girl It's not a good movie, but I find it enjoyable from beginning to end.
Musical: Dread Zeppelin Zeppelin songs done reggae style with an Elvis impersonator frontman. Honestly, I like them.
Celebrity: Bugs Bunny (when dressed as a woman) Shut up.

If you feel guilty about doing memes, I tag you to do it. It can be done HERE.
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