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Two items of note

I played D&D this past Saturday. Although I probably could have truthfully uttered that sentence on many occasions during my life, I'd be willing to stake a Franklin that this is the first time this millennium. notjenschiz got the ball rolling with his impressive plan to create a MMRPG with multiple GMs in a shared world setting. Then a thousand cooks descended, creating a broth that appeared to have little hope of tastiness. Then itf boldly stepped in to run the first scenario. It was great. PC's slowly identified the halo of PC-glow about each other, and after a short period of indifference and a shorter period of mutual antagonism, we banded together just in time to almost be slain and/or declared outlaws. But from the jaws of defeat, we snatched victory. Yay us!

And now, Kirsten Dunst and Carl Sagan v. the paparazzi.
Tags: book, games, science

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