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Journal of No. 118

March 10th, 2007

taxing day @ 08:53 pm

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Went out to visit the tax-lady behind the Orange Curtain. In a two-birds-one-stone move, we went on to mooch a dinner off of mom and stepdad. We chatted and reminisced and so on. We got on the subject of smoking; Mom's down to less than a half-pack a day. Worse than zero, better than in days of yore.

Anyway, Mom then says to me, "Do you remember back when you were about ten... I noticed that there was a lot of Coke in the fridge... that you weren't drinking it... and I asked you if you still liked it... and you said:

'I'm just proving to myself that I can give it up.'"

I neither remember this, nor frankly, can I believe it. I gave up Coke? Cold turkey? When I was ten? Madness.

The creepier thing is realizing that I almost certainly did this to show that if I could do it, she could too.
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Journal of No. 118